Claire Wilcher and Aaron Fuksa in “Mrs. Claus’ Lament.”

Written by: Aaron Fuksa, Claire Wilcher and Ty Johnson

I had the pleasure of working with Maestro Jack Everly as a performer in the past alongside Ann Hampton Callaway, Sandi Patty, Sylvia McNair and Josh Kaufman winner of "The Voice" on NBC.

Returning this year I joined the team as a writer and performer. Contributing to the book for two new numbers in Indianapolis Symphony's Yuletide Celebration. Santa's Choice and Mrs. Claus' Lament.


What happens when Mrs. Claus reminisces about her younger years after being left alone on Christmas Eve? It's a new year and Santa can't make magic without her.




"Santa's Choice" Starring Josh Kaufnam with Aaron Fuksa, Claire Wilcher, Patrick Clements and N'kenge.

Addition Material Written by: Aaron Fuksa and Claire Wilcher




It's always exciting to be in a singing competition, especially when Santa, Mrs.Claus, Rudolf and last years winning Diva are the celebrity judges. Who will be Santa's Choice?

Yuletide B-Sides.

"Downtown Downtime"

Written and Directed by

Aaron Fuksa and Claire Wilcher